His Word – John 12:43

“for the loved human praise more than praise from God.” John 12:43


This verse breaks my heart. This verse is written in the passage where many of the leaders and people during the time of Jesus were starting to believe in Jesus, yet the people and leaders of the church feared they would be thrown out of they synagogue so they stayed quiet and did not openly acknowledge Christ.

Just thinking about this breaks my heart and really makes me stop and examine my life. These men and women believed that Christ was Lord yet did not do anything about it. – they got through the hardest part, they believed, yet let their life slip away because they were afraid of others. They cared more about their reputation than serving Christ and following him.

This is such an important lesson and a wonderful question to ask myself daily – Am I living my life for others or for God? Do I care more about the praise of people or the praise of God?

I desperately want to say that I care more about the praise of God, but are my actions telling this truth?

I honestly don’t know. I know that sometimes I would rather just keep quiet than stir up any strife. I am such a people please-er and I hate to make anyone sad or mad. So this is a really hard topic for me.

But today, and hopefully for the rest of my life, I am going to ask myself ” Am I living for the praise, respect and happiness of myself and others or for the praise, respect and happiness of God?”

What do you think? – Do you live for your happiness or for the happiness of others, or God or … ?